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Smoking Tobacco- An invitation to several health ailments
We see many people smoking cigarette around us. But have you ever wondered what exactly the effects of smoking tobacco are? Read more to find out about the impact of smoking tobacco on human health.
What is meant by Smoking tobacco?
Tobacco has been consumed by a lot of people since many centuries. However, smoking is regarded as one of the oldest ways of consuming tobacco. Tobacco can be consumed in various forms like bedis, cigarettes and cigar. In all these forms, tobacco content is filled in a paper which is then rolled around and given the shape of cigarettes. Dried leaves of the tobacco plant are filled in the paper rolls. Tobacco is inhaled in gaseous form by lighting one end of the cigarette. These cigarettes contain harmful substances like nicotine which have adverse side effects on human health as against natural cigarettes which only contain herbs and plants.

Smoking cigarettes have also been opposed by many sections of the society. People indulge in smoking for reasons varying from pleasure, or releasing tension to peer pressure. Some even begin puffing when they are just adolescents. However, the impact of smoking tobacco will depend on the number of years a person has smoked, or how many cigarettes a person smokes in a given day and so on.

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Effects of Smoking Tobacco

The smoking activity has a direct and damaging impact on the health of a person. Let us now see the effects-

  • Smoking tobacco causes cancer. A person smoking tobacco is likely to suffer from lung, mouth, pancreatic, kidney, stomach and bladder cancers.
  • Smoking tobacco over a long period of time increases the chances of a person experiencing heart attack as compared to non-smokers as it increases the heart rate.
  • It is one of the main reasons for causing death of a person.
  • Passive smoking also causes health problems. Passive smoking occurs when a person sits or stands next to a person smoking or even passes by a person who is smoking.
  • Smoking may lead to renal damage.
  • Smoking by pregnant women or close to them can cause complication during pregnancy or during the birth of the child.

In case you have started smoking recently, you can still save yourself from all the diseases and ailment that you will suffer from if you do not change your habits. So, if you know anyone who smokes or you yourself smoke then, do think about the consequences of your actions.